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Mar 27, 2018

GoVols247's Wes Rucker and Grant Ramey went into Fort Rucker Studio to review a Tennessee basketball season that was so surprisingly good until it had a surprisingly sour finish. The Vols won an SEC championship after being picked to finish 13th in the 14th-team league, and they returned to the NCAA Tournament after a three-year absence before being shocked by Final Four-bound Loyola-Chicago in a second round thriller in Dallas. How do you summarize a season that was so good but ended so painfully? Is it possible for a team to have a great but disappointing season? Will this season be remembered in a good way, a bad way or both? Were these Vols ultimately a victim of their own success? Did they just have a bad injury at a bad time and run into the wrong Cinderella at the wrong time? Will this team's stomach-punching NCAA Tournament exit be the fuel for an even bigger season, since virtually the entire roster will be back? Or was this season's magic something that can't be replicated for one reason or another? What areas need to be improved or at least fortified in the offseason? Those are some — but not all — of the questions discussed in this episode.