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Dec 20, 2017

GoVols247's Wes Rucker (from Fort Rucker Studio) and Grant Ramey (from GoVols247's Blount County Bureau) convened to break down the 21st-ranked Tennessee basketball team's oh-so-close loss to fifth-ranked North Carolina over the weekend and look ahead to another big week for the legit-contender Vols. Tennessee's nine-point, second-half lead over the Tar Heels didn't hold up, just like the Vols' 12-point, second-half lead over top-ranked Villanova didn't hold up, but Rick Barnes' team has put a big scare into the past two national champions and is one good week away from heading into SEC play as a team on everyone's radar. What is keeping this very-good Tennessee team from breaking through and becoming a great team, and can that breakthrough happen this season? How will the Vols respond from the UNC heartbreak in tough games this week against Furman and Wake Forest? Those are the main questions in this week's first GoVols247 Podcast episode. We'll be back Friday with a look at Tennessee football's Early Signing Period under new head coach Jeremy Pruitt.